Women And Aids

Aids or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, are as a collective of disease symptoms that caused by HIV virus (Human immunodeficiency Virus), which broken of body immune system. As a result if the body attack by other not dangerous disease can cause someone that have infected by HIV will sick and even can die. Until now, no accurate Aids Medicine are founded.

Aids Symptoms:

Persons who attack by this virus will feel:
Long-term tired feel
Often feel cold, follow with night sweat cause of no reasons
Difficult to breath and long term cough
Gland bigger because of unclear reasons
Body weight drop significantly
Aids and Women:
Aids infect of women, men and children on all over the world. WHO predict Aids victim about 200,000 peoples on the year 1990 – 1991, 40 % of them are women. On the last year of 1992 predict the Aids cases to women are more than 150,000 or 3 times of the sum cases on the year of 1980.
Aids causes many affect to women, either as a disease also become social economic challenge.
Women have big role on determining and defense to HIV virus
Women take care their family that infected by HIV and have Aids diseases.
How Aids Infect

Aids can infect from sexual relationship or injection needle or other pin tools after use by others. Aids also can infect from blood transfusion, blood was infected by HIV virus or through pregnant mother that is infected by HIV to the baby on the womb.

Important to know how HIV will not infect others:
HIV is a kind of virus that can not be stand out of the body
On people relationship not infect others
Shake hands, touch or hug won’t infect others
Cough or sneeze near of us won’t infect us.
Use the same swimming pool, bath or WC won’t infect us.
Animals bit like mosquito or other insect won’t infect us.