Several years ago hypnotism has negative meaning. Supposed of highest knowledge persuasion, communication technique based on human physiology. This knowledge assume more great than others because by hypnotism people don’t have power to refuse. They mean that hypnotist is absolute, some criminal also using MO hypnotist to make victim can’t refuse what they want. Someone will contact a victim by touching, saying while see through your eyes, or many others. The victim then will unconsciousness until their money loose all, or like Selly cases that spread currently, like Leonardo D’ Caprio on the film of Catch Me if You Can, cheating many people, Selly done their action by hypnotist so that victim easy to cheat. Mr. Anand Krishna cases also using hypnotist that accused of sexual insulting to Tara and Sum and by brain washing after done.

Hypnotism is method on entering an idea, behavior or customize to person without their normal thinking. This method is introduced by Sigmund Freud and Pierre Janet, while others by James Braid explain that hypnotism is directed to consciousness nature. Hypnotist can suggest something make focus and forgetting others.

Hypnotherapy can use to understand the cause of soul disturbance but not to solve the traumatic. But this also not absolute, on many condition we don’t need to know the source of traumatic problem but can find out the solution directly. Hypnotherapy can’t stand alone, but must be connected to neuroscience. Habits, think, even traumatic is represented the biologist. Human have three brain parts of their evolution, reptile brain, mammal brain and neo cortex. Some expert said that reptile brain and limbic (mammal brain) are unite, that is animal brain. On this brain arrange the base of human need, like eat, sleep, and sex and even comfortable. Hate feeling, jealous, also come from this brain part. Every kind of negative emotion, include of motoric come from this brain part. If limbic can be cleaned, so the natural behavior and human potential can be merge accordingly.

Neo cortex have highest function like analyze ability, refined emotions, reading, writing and others. Every thinking, saying and acting will connect to billion brain nerve. This connection call as synapse. Acting or the way to think, customs can be formed by repeat doing, that longer will stronger. From neuroscience angle, this synapse is the key of our customs that done with unrealized.