Antihistamine or Anti Allergy

Antihistamine can use for omitting nose stuffed up, anti allergy and antihistamine topical. Anti allergy is other familiar name of anti histamine, simple antihistamine can by freely in dispensary without doctor certificate or apothecary. A strong antihistamine must use as doctor advice or apothecary certificate, even though just for omitting the symptom of watery eyes, watery nose, difficult to breath, skin swelling and itch, Antihistamine can not healing allergy.

Antihistamine can lessen headache, queasy and vomit because of stabilization system disturbance inside ear.

Time use antihistamine for medicine:
- Rhinitis Allergic
- Asthma
- Conjunctivitis Allergic (red eyes because of allergy)
- Skin allergy such as eczema, urticaria (itch), allergy of insect bite.
- Vertigo (dizzy)

Work Process:
Antihistamine is against histamine effect from our antibody system that react overdose of some excitement that is not caused disturbance, histamine cause symptom of allergy reaction.
Work with equilibrium mechanism inside ear for lessen the dizzy and to stop vomit.
Disturbance after eat this medicine:
- Feel sleepy
- Mouth and eyes dry
- Speed Hearth Beating
- Rising eyeball and blood pressure
- Difficult to urinate


Don’t drive or turn on a machine if feel sleepy.
Don’t drink alcohol or other medicine to make sleepy, because each of this medicine can cause interfere.
May not drink for high blood pressure patient.
Check to doctor after 3 days to drink antihistamine and allergy symptom still available or vomit don’t stop after 24 hours.
Medicine Trade Mark:

1. Avil Syrup
2. Camergan
3. Pyriton
4. Polamec
5. Polaramine
6. Polarist