Flu and Cough Medicine

This disease is signed by flu because of top bronchi channel infection. This diseases is usual founded and not a fatal condition if there is no secondary infection. Almost all people ever get this disease, even several times in a year. Health people usually will recover by themselves without any medical cure in several days. Flu and cough are easily spread in infect others through sneeze, and hand that is not washed after contact with nose fluid.

The symptom of this diseases like:
Pain on the throat
Light cold
Watery eyes
Watery nose and plug with sneeze
Spreading viral infection to the middle breath channel or bottom channel (bronchi), sound tape (laryngitis), face bone room (sinusitis).
Secondary bacteria infection
Viral infection on the top of the breath cannel by many kind of cold viruses.
What you should do?
Rest, stop your sport activity
Drink more water
When clean of nose hole, open your mouth to avoid the liquid flow back to the sinus room and ear room. Or clean with water every time plug of nose cupping.
Breath hot water vapour to make wet of breath channel in order easy to exert, if difficult add one tea spoon of balsam to hot water to make nose free to breath.
Drink of cough drug. For the dry cough drink of cough barrier drug, and for wet cough drink of expectorant cough drug.
Check up to the doctor.
Kind of Cough Drug:
Alpara: to lessen of cold, flu, sneezing and headache
Alphadryl: to lessen of cough and flu symptom
Anakonidin: to lessen of cough and flu in children
Andonex Capsule: to lessen cough and flu