Good Taste is not mean good Health

Many kind of sensors and tools are install in our body, but not all of our sensor and tool can use directly to know what is good for our body and what is not good or dangerous to our body. Some animals can detect this and they don’t want to eat certain food that is not good to their body, and generally animals very discipline for eat certain food that is good to their body; they don’t eat others but just a little.

Pigeon always eat food of seed like corn, rice, other kind of seed. Pigeon don’t like to eat of steamed rice except they are very hungry. Pigeons just like raw food, pigeon can live for tree days without food and water. I ever left pigeon on the cage because I forget to release them then I go out of the city for tree days, I jut remember when I go home and found my pigeon still alive.

Pigeon not just eat seed as their food, but they sometimes eat others like leaf and some grass and just sometime eat small animals, what for she eat grass, I don’t know. I just guest, if pigeon eat small animals and leaf because they also need other kind proteins and vitamins. The thing that always eat but small by pigeon are small stone, they need stone to help their stomach to digest.

If we experiencing our food, not all kind of food with delicious taste are good for our heath and not all kind of foods with bad taste are bad. We sometime need food with bad taste like traditional medicine, this is good to keep our health and we many need once a week and some once a month like bird eat grass and certain leaf not everyday.

Our taste just functions to detect the taste of kind of food but can’t detect the function of food itself. If our taste sense can detect all kind of food its mean that our body especially on taste is health. If we can’t taste kind of food its mean we are not health. Rat have different body behavior, rat eat many, they are have a good smell but bad eyes, if any food far is contaminate with chemical or poison that smell bad, rat can detect this. But if rat too hungry, they have to eat that food and the rat will die. Rat also can’t vomit food from their stomach so when she eat poisonous food, can be sure if that rat will die.