Vaginal Medicines

Using Pessary:
This medicine is used to enter to the vagina, and for local medicine. This medicine should always be used even on menstruation, but sex activity should be stopped when on cure. When on pregnancy must be consult first to doctor if there any effect to the baby. If the pessary be soft, keep on the refrigerator as long as 30 minutes in order harden before use.

The way to enter pessary:
Wash hand with soap (in order to avoid vaginal infection/urinal channel
Open the tablet cover
lying down supine while knee bended
Use finger/applicator to enter pessary to the vagina.
Keep lying down for about 15 minutes
Wash both of hands
If needed using woman bandage to avoid clothes stain.


1. Betadine Vaginal Douche – Mahakam Beta Pharma
Liquid : 225 ml
Contain: Providone Iodine 10%

For cleaning and light infection disturbance on the vagina.

Use for cleaning:
Fill the plastic bottle with this medicine until the A border. Add warm water until C border.

Use for Cure:
Fill plastic bottle by this medicine until of B border. Add warm water until C border, mix and use as the guidance on the bottle. Use of once a day or as the doctor advises.

2. Intima
Sachet: 5 x 10 g
Contains: tricetol 1%

Help for clean and fresh of woman, prevent from itch and whitish.

Use Guidance:
Dissolve 1 sachet medicine into about 2 liter of normal water, and use for clean the vagina. This medicine just for external use.