Goiter Disease Can't be Cured

Goiter is the gloated of thyroid gland that can caused by many problem. Thyroid gland in a normal condition is not visible from outside, is the gland like H letter, located in front of neck below the throat (Adam’s apple). Thyroid gland is functioned to produce a thyroid hormone that is controlled the body metabolism, and control the body development and improvement in order be a normal conditions.

If there is an abnormal condition on the body metabolism, this thyroid gland will getting infection like lessen of Iodium mineral, the thyroid can be gloated and sometime became as big as hand’s grasp.

Symptom of Goiter Gloated Causes and Complications can be seen more detail on http://many-health-tips.blogspot.com. Or more simple just click on Goiter Disease.

Doctor action for you:

Make sure of diagnoses, this action to make sure of certain causes of other goiter disease type.
Explain in detail about the patient condition and give some advice.
Give cure in earlier for endemic goiter with hormone thyroid preparatory.
Thyroid surgery if the thyroid bloated make difficulties of eat and breath.
Given cure of goiter disease with Iodium, but this action will not make a better condition, (thyroid even bigger), especially after puberty age. Just little prevention action to make this goiter become bigger.
Complication medication if any.