Antihistamine or Anti Allergy

Antihistamine can use for omitting nose stuffed up, anti allergy and antihistamine topical. Anti allergy is other familiar name of anti histamine, simple antihistamine can by freely in dispensary without doctor certificate or apothecary. A strong antihistamine must use as doctor advice or apothecary certificate, even though just for omitting the symptom of watery eyes, watery nose, difficult to breath, skin swelling and itch, Antihistamine can not healing allergy.

Antihistamine can lessen headache, queasy and vomit because of stabilization system disturbance inside ear.

Time use antihistamine for medicine:
- Rhinitis Allergic
- Asthma
- Conjunctivitis Allergic (red eyes because of allergy)
- Skin allergy such as eczema, urticaria (itch), allergy of insect bite.
- Vertigo (dizzy)

Work Process:
Antihistamine is against histamine effect from our antibody system that react overdose of some excitement that is not caused disturbance, histamine cause symptom of allergy reaction.
Work with equilibrium mechanism inside ear for lessen the dizzy and to stop vomit.
Disturbance after eat this medicine:
- Feel sleepy
- Mouth and eyes dry
- Speed Hearth Beating
- Rising eyeball and blood pressure
- Difficult to urinate


Don’t drive or turn on a machine if feel sleepy.
Don’t drink alcohol or other medicine to make sleepy, because each of this medicine can cause interfere.
May not drink for high blood pressure patient.
Check to doctor after 3 days to drink antihistamine and allergy symptom still available or vomit don’t stop after 24 hours.
Medicine Trade Mark:

1. Avil Syrup
2. Camergan
3. Pyriton
4. Polamec
5. Polaramine
6. Polarist

Fever Drug Medicine

A general name for Fever Drug medicine are antipyretic. There are two kind of fever drugs: that are Parecetamol or Acetaminofen and Aspirin that is include of palliative drug of feeling pain. There is a double function of that medicine that is effective for flue diseases with a symptom body heat or fever and pain in bone or muscle. This medicine can by without doctor certificate.

Fever itself is not diseases, it is only reaction that caused by our body to against some infection diseases, therefore light fever that cause feel not inconvenient to us don’t need to cure. High body heat or high fever must be degraded because can cause spastic, especially at children. Even this medicine can degraded body temperature but this medicine can’t cure the source of diseases itself.

When this medicine can give:

Fever or body heats over of 37.5 oC that cause body feel not convenience.
High fever or body heat over than 38.5 oC or more of children.
High heat or body heat over 39 oC or more of adult people.
Cure Working:

Degrading heat by working in the center of temperature arrangement at brain nerve.
Problem with Paracetamol:

Seldom happened except drink to much or overdose for long time.
Use overdose for along time can broken kidney and hepar.
Problem with Aspirin:

Irritation at stomach or cause queasy and vomit.
Ear feel sounding at long usage.
Preventing from blood coagulation.
Reye Syndrome (diseases in hepar and brain) at children of under 6 years, so don’t give aspirin to children for fever medicine, better choose other medicine.
Reaction on skin such as rash of husk.
Using guide:

Drink drug after eat with water or a glass of skim milk low calorie.
Don’t drink aspirin together with other kind drug such as NSAIDs (medicine anti chafing non steroid)
Check to doctor if fever is not degrade after 2 days.

Skin Fungus Medicine

Skin fungi medicine usually in a form of topical medicine, this medicine should be used regularly because if used not regularly will not kill the fungi source inside the skin. About 30 human diseases caused by fungi are known. Such fungi usually reside in soil and enter the body through a skin puncture or the lungs, but some spread between humans or from animals to humans. The infection diseases, called mycoses, develop slowly and are sometimes difficult to treat. Even diagnoses can be complicated, because few laboratory tests are specific for the organisms.

There are three kind of fungi diseases in human:

Systemic Mycoses.
Fungi Medicines:

1. Canesten: Bayer
Fluid 10 ml, 20 ml
Cream 5 g, 10 g, 20 g
Usage for liquid:

Several drop of pipette then smoothed over the infection area, use twice to third a day until the infection loosed.

Usage for Cream:

Dab flimsily over the skin in the infection area, use twice to third a day until the infection loosed. Skin fungus can cure during 2 to 3 weeks, genitals fungus can cured during 1 – 2 weeks. Especially for foot fungus, curing should be continued for 2 weeks after the sign is omitted in order to prevent recurrence again. After washed, foot must be dried especially in the toe fold.


Use only for external drug.

2. Daktarin: Jansen
Cream 5 g, 10 g, 30 g

Powder 20 g, 50 g


For light infection cause of fungi on skin, water bug, kadas, mange and nail fungi infection. Used for skin fungus infection, dab a cream or powder over the infection area and rubbed slowly. Usually heal during 2 until 5 weeks and continued to 10 days to prevent of recurrence again.

For nail infection, dab to the nail after cut once in a day, then covered with tight plastic bandage with no hole. Curing continue until new skin growth.

Vaginal Medicines

Using Pessary:
This medicine is used to enter to the vagina, and for local medicine. This medicine should always be used even on menstruation, but sex activity should be stopped when on cure. When on pregnancy must be consult first to doctor if there any effect to the baby. If the pessary be soft, keep on the refrigerator as long as 30 minutes in order harden before use.

The way to enter pessary:
Wash hand with soap (in order to avoid vaginal infection/urinal channel
Open the tablet cover
lying down supine while knee bended
Use finger/applicator to enter pessary to the vagina.
Keep lying down for about 15 minutes
Wash both of hands
If needed using woman bandage to avoid clothes stain.


1. Betadine Vaginal Douche – Mahakam Beta Pharma
Liquid : 225 ml
Contain: Providone Iodine 10%

For cleaning and light infection disturbance on the vagina.

Use for cleaning:
Fill the plastic bottle with this medicine until the A border. Add warm water until C border.

Use for Cure:
Fill plastic bottle by this medicine until of B border. Add warm water until C border, mix and use as the guidance on the bottle. Use of once a day or as the doctor advises.

2. Intima
Sachet: 5 x 10 g
Contains: tricetol 1%

Help for clean and fresh of woman, prevent from itch and whitish.

Use Guidance:
Dissolve 1 sachet medicine into about 2 liter of normal water, and use for clean the vagina. This medicine just for external use.

Eye Medicine

This medicine need to put in the eye. The eye medicine forms are either in liquid or paste (balm). On using eye medicine there are two rules should be followed.
  • Don’t make the tip of applicator or drop pipette tip touch to eye because eye is easy getting infection.
  • Through away all the eye medicine rest one month after the cap is opened because eye medicine quickly destroy.
The way to use eye drop medicine:
  • Wash your hand with water and soap
  • Shake the eye drop until mixed well.
  • Head look to for and look to up.
  • Draw downwards undercarriage eyelid.
  • Handle the eye drop bottle and as close as possible to the lower eye ball but don’t touch the eye surface.
  • Drop once the medicine to the eye and close the eye calmly in order the medicine is not flow out.
  • Close eye to about 1-2 minutes. For dropping another medicine to the eyes wait until about 5 minutes.
The way to use balm medicine:
  • Washed hand using water and soap.
  • Turn up your head and look to up.
  • Draw downwards undercarriage eyelid by your finger.
  • Handle the applicator as close as possible to the eye, without touch the eye.
  • Press the balm until 1 cm long, and close eye and blinking several time.
  • Close the eye until 2 minutes, if want use another eye medicine wait until 5 minute then.