Itch on Skin

Itch on the skin can be a problem that causes by varies of problem sources. General causes usually don’t risk and can be cured easily, even the itch difficult to be cured. You should know that there are itch causes by diabetes, hepar and kidney diseases.

There are a effect by certain nerve fibre, so there desire to scratch
As a result, scratch causes skin reddish, chafed or wound after scratch.
From several cases there are a skin eruption or inflammation.
Wound on the skin and bleeding
Would by bacterial infections
General Causes of all the body itch
Bite by insect
Spot or eruption because of viral infection like smallpox.
Skin allergy like exem
Itch on certain places:
Itch on head skin cause by ringworm, bug and dandruff
Body angle like – inflammation because of hot weather and candida.
Exem on hand
Vulva – inflammation because of hot weather, ulcer, dried.
Anus – haemorrhoid or causes by worm
What You can do?
Find the causes and make suitable cure
Always clean, cool and dry
Don’t too hard itch can causes irritation, bleeding and infected. If needed just to wasp by palm of hand not by nail
Spread of calamine or cream/ointment of itch abate
Stick cold compress like use towel
Drink of simple antihistamine for anti allergy (antihistamine can cause feel sleepy so don’t drive a car or motor to avoid from accident)
Check to the doctor if itch can’t be omitted even after cured