Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcer can infect alone or an group, that feel very pain in the first day. Usually not dangerous and will infect about 2 weeks. General mouth ulcer is apthous ulcer.


  • Small wound on the lips, inside of cheek, gums or tongue.
  • Usually alone with diameter about 1 – 2 mm and with the color center white or yellow.
General Causes:
  • Lips, tongue or inside of cheek is bite by self incidentally
  • Wound because of teeth brush, hard meal or bond or broken tooth that causes break the lips, inside of cheek or tongue.
  • Lessen of immunity, for example because of stress.
What do you should do?
  • Wait until ulcer cured by itself about 2 – 3 weeks
  • Spread the antipain jelly, using of gargle wash chlor hexidin
  • Check to dentistry, if mono ulcer not cured after 3 weeks, or if the patient got to much of ulcer.
If dentist found that any abnormal tooth cause serious ulcer that this tooth will be removed and giving medicine recipe for cortisone jelly if needed.

Preventive action:
  • Use of smooth tooth brush, immediately change your tooth brush that have deformed.
  • If found wound on mouth as soon as gargle with antiseptic gargle mouth and smear by gentian violet on the wound area.