Fever Drug Medicine

A general name for Fever Drug medicine are antipyretic. There are two kind of fever drugs: that are Parecetamol or Acetaminofen and Aspirin that is include of palliative drug of feeling pain. There is a double function of that medicine that is effective for flue diseases with a symptom body heat or fever and pain in bone or muscle. This medicine can by without doctor certificate.

Fever itself is not diseases, it is only reaction that caused by our body to against some infection diseases, therefore light fever that cause feel not inconvenient to us don’t need to cure. High body heat or high fever must be degraded because can cause spastic, especially at children. Even this medicine can degraded body temperature but this medicine can’t cure the source of diseases itself.

When this medicine can give:

Fever or body heats over of 37.5 oC that cause body feel not convenience.
High fever or body heat over than 38.5 oC or more of children.
High heat or body heat over 39 oC or more of adult people.
Cure Working:

Degrading heat by working in the center of temperature arrangement at brain nerve.
Problem with Paracetamol:

Seldom happened except drink to much or overdose for long time.
Use overdose for along time can broken kidney and hepar.
Problem with Aspirin:

Irritation at stomach or cause queasy and vomit.
Ear feel sounding at long usage.
Preventing from blood coagulation.
Reye Syndrome (diseases in hepar and brain) at children of under 6 years, so don’t give aspirin to children for fever medicine, better choose other medicine.
Reaction on skin such as rash of husk.
Using guide:

Drink drug after eat with water or a glass of skim milk low calorie.
Don’t drink aspirin together with other kind drug such as NSAIDs (medicine anti chafing non steroid)
Check to doctor if fever is not degrade after 2 days.