Eye Medicine

This medicine need to put in the eye. The eye medicine forms are either in liquid or paste (balm). On using eye medicine there are two rules should be followed.
  • Don’t make the tip of applicator or drop pipette tip touch to eye because eye is easy getting infection.
  • Through away all the eye medicine rest one month after the cap is opened because eye medicine quickly destroy.
The way to use eye drop medicine:
  • Wash your hand with water and soap
  • Shake the eye drop until mixed well.
  • Head look to for and look to up.
  • Draw downwards undercarriage eyelid.
  • Handle the eye drop bottle and as close as possible to the lower eye ball but don’t touch the eye surface.
  • Drop once the medicine to the eye and close the eye calmly in order the medicine is not flow out.
  • Close eye to about 1-2 minutes. For dropping another medicine to the eyes wait until about 5 minutes.
The way to use balm medicine:
  • Washed hand using water and soap.
  • Turn up your head and look to up.
  • Draw downwards undercarriage eyelid by your finger.
  • Handle the applicator as close as possible to the eye, without touch the eye.
  • Press the balm until 1 cm long, and close eye and blinking several time.
  • Close the eye until 2 minutes, if want use another eye medicine wait until 5 minute then.