Ear Medicine

Ear ill often because of infection inside of the cavity, this can cause of something that fiddling the cavity skin and cause hurt the skin. Inside the skin there are a special compound that release by ear to prevent of some infection, but exactly this infection can happened when sometime we clean of our ear cavity. The medicine to cure this infection often and effective in a liquid form, because the location of infection area is inside the ear that sometime difficult to reach.

How using liquid medicine for Ear.

Lay down with the oblique position so that ear to be cured to face to up.
Shake the liquid medicine so that mixed better.
Draw the ear to up and back so that the ear hole is inline.
Drop the medicine as much as the guidance into the ear hole.
Keep the head position for about 5 minutes in order lets the drug enter the ear.

Vital – Medikon

Ear Drop Medicine: pack 10 ml

Contain of medicine:

Every 10 ml contains thymol 10 ml, oleum mentae 20 mg, oleum camphora 600 mg.

Use for Diseases:

Overcoming the infection on the ear cavity.


Drop the medicine into the ear who get infection with the way as the above description, as much 2 drop, this curing take care three times in a day.

Special Instruction:

After use this medicine, keep the rest in the cold place and dry.


Assumptions: Cross eye sign at child less than 2 year cannot be checked up.

Reality: There are no a child which cannot be checked up whether the child having cross-eyed or not.