Skin Whitenner

Skin Whitenner often use by tropical women to make her skin look more white than the normally other tropical women skin that usually have brown color because of burnt by sun light. Even this ointment usually contain dangerouse chemicals, tropical women always use this medicine to treat their beauty by using this ointment. 

Many kind of skin whitener they are use like Bioquin and Bioquin Forte. This ointment can lessen the spot on the skin. To use this ointment just to spread over the skin that have spot twice in a day, in the morning and evening. This treatment is done for about 2 - 12 weeks. 

Special Instruction:
Using make-up in the morning can do after this cream dryed. In the evening use this cream aften the skin is cleaned by special lotion and let over night. Before using this cream should be tested by spread on the skin very thin, the treatment can be continued if no feel itch on the skin after spread over for 24 hours. Keep the cream on the cold place and close with cup in order to avoid of oxidation. 

Side effect:
The cream can cause itch or hot and iritation. If this problem don't dissapear after 2 months, stop of using this cream.

Don't use this cream near the eyes, and avoid touch by children. Ovoid expose to sun light directly.