Aids Medicine

Aids is the frighten diseases, that until now there is no medicine can cure this diseases. But the reality as describe on the “Qur’an” every disease has a medicine, this God statement is not just gossip but real. People just do experiment and research to find out this disease.  The knowledge of people is very limited compared with God knowledge even less than devil knowledge, because devil can life hundreds years, while people just can life a several tenth years. As the rumor devil can accumulate their knowledge and have document like us and can improve their knowledge longer than human.

This medicine has been approved by just little persons in Indonesia, and has been created the capsules or tablets medicine model and sells all over the world. You can also search for Aids Medicine on this internet to find out the kind of medicine for Aids. This medicine actually extract of fruit that grow in Irian Jaya – Indonesia, that called as “Buah Merah.

Buah merah usually eaten by local Irian people as meal after steamed. In the traditional market this fruit is sold with price about Rp. 500.000 per pc, this price is not too expensive because the location to take this fruit in the jungle and can find just by certain local people.

Beside can use for Aids medicine this fruit also can cure for other diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cholesterol and other dis-function body metabolism. So Buah merah is herbal medicine and no negative side effect to human body, because Irian People also eat this fruit as meal, and that is why irian people also body impenetrability to malarian ailment and many people from abroad want to know what is the reasons.